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Progress, not perfection

The collection B.Draddy has its obvious meaning, that of a name. From its inception though, there’s been an additional meaning behind the name. The "B” stands for Brothers.... Brothers Draddy. Brotherhood, if not the strongest relationship one can experience in life, is a close second. You are a rival, a protector, a confidante. Above all, the bond of family, a commitment that cannot be discarded or forgotten, joins you.

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Never take off your sportscoat unless you are ready to take off your pants too

Draddyism N° 06

My own brother has been a spine of support, providing friendship, guidance and stability, consistently, for a lifetime. It’s a shadow of confidence that follows me without interruption.

As my four sons move further into this world I witness the bond that has formed as each was born. A bond that leaves them with the desire to all pile in the same bedroom and live with one another. A bond inspiring my third son to go after another boy, twice his age, because he dumped dirt on his older brother ’s head. A bond that has them already, even in childhood, dedicated to one another without question. So, it is with this strength, support and inspiration that we bring you B. Draddy.

Bdraddy Compass
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